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Do I need to sign up to a contract?

No. We offer a variety of contract options that cover you for emergencies, in addition to the day to day maintenance that may need attention.

However, we never offer our clients only a contract option; we can be contacted by new clients whether you have an emergency, small repair job or large maintenance contract.

Call us for a quotation on proposed work or for further details and prices on repairs and renovations.

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Do you charge for materials?

We are happy to carry out emergency maintenance, and return to complete the job with the appropriate materials that we obtain from reputable suppliers.

In addition to this, should you require longer term maintenance, or non-emergency repairs, we will discuss with you whether you prefer to source your own materials – giving you advice on best quality and types that we can work with – or we can supply them for you.

We will charge for materials we supply, however because we have close contact with our suppliers on a daily basis, we are able to source useful materials quickly, at a lower cost.

We will always offer a free quotation, predicting materials used and costs involved, before taking on a small job or large project.

This allows you to take control of materials used, with our recommendations, or to make use of our no-hassle service.

How do you estimate for work?

For tenants who pay rent to landlords, we will always make contact with the Landlord first in non-emergency situations.

We do this because we need permission from the property owner to make changes to the home.

In the case that we are called out to a homeowner property, we will draw up a prompt quotation (verbal should this be an emergency, with a follow up invoice) and create an invoice. Upon completion, the invoice will be due for immediate payment.

We do not request retainer or deposit payments for small projects, and discuss with you directly where larger or longer term projects are required.

Can I expect quality workmanship, even on emergency call outs?

Emergency callouts or sympathetic renovations always require care. We carry out each and every job to a superior ability and with the best qualified tradesmen in the area.

The only time we may have to 'make do' is when we are called out to an emergency and do not hold parts, equipment, fitting or specific materials on our vehicles or in stock at our warehouse.

However, we will always return to complete the job after leaving an emergency in a secure and safe way.

Because we use certified and relevantly qualified tradesmen, every one of the projects we conduct is carried out to a very high standard, regardless of budget.

We enjoy receiving recommendations from past and previous customers, therefore we ensure we leave no job incomplete, and always return should an issue arise.

Our post-project support is second to none. Call our reliable team today to benefit from a free quotation and expert quality workmanship.

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